Mk 7 painting , latest

For the one or two who kindly expressed an interest , the mk 7 is going back together .


Great, lets have some more.

Indeed! Always fun to watch a resto!

Show us more! Love the thinner trim around the Mk 7 grill than others MKs.

Thanks guys , I have a couple of electrical issues to address , the fuel changeover switch, pumps and sender’s might need rewiring , but the colours in the loom don’t correspond to the wiring diagram, and I can’t believe the loom is not original.
And what are those strange brass additions to the rad, never seen those in any pictures of these cars ?
I am fitting the rear lights today , hopefully they and the direction indicators will then work .

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Seen one of those before, but not on an early Mk7 like yours. What is your year model?

Anattempt to increase the expansion tank size, should be beneficial, mine always needs topping up, even after the shortest run.

It’s May 1954 . I too have to top up quite regularly , and it hasn’t been far .no leeks or steam though.

Not really living up to your Jag-lovers handle then, are you :joy:

So , got the boot lid on , and the rear lights and reversing light hooked up now for the electrics . I ran temporary wires to both pumps and senders and everything worked , so all new wiring tomorrow. I still have some strange issues though . The fuel gauge whacks over to full when the guage is earthed on the dash. One cable goes to the changeover switch and the other side has two , one to the heater switch, and the other to the wiper motor . Everything works fine , no smoke or flames , but obviously , no working fuel gauge . Any ideas ?

If you want to replace damaged wiring or wiring you can no longer read the color codes I believe Rhode Island Wiring will sell lengths of wire with all the factory color codes. Makes tracing easier and will be less confusing to any future owner.

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