MK 7M DB10 relay location?


I am attempting to return my Mk 7M to original RHD spec.

The rear light clusters had been replaced with later MK2 types and accordingly, the DB10 relay unit for the flashers and stop lights has been removed.

I have sourced a replacement, but can anybody advise me as to where it should be mounted please (if possible, with a photo or two)?

Many thanks,


I haven’t any pictures but I believe it was mounted just forward of the windscreen wiper motor near the flasher can. This is on the right hand side of the engine compartment looking forward. (Right hand drive car).

Hi, thanks for your reply, that makes sense, my car has overdrive, so adjacent to those relays I assume.

If I’m lucky, some kind owner may take a photo for me.

I would imagine the mounting holes will be there somewhere.