Mk 8 auto box to 4.2 XJ6 XK will it fit?

EnHi can anyone tell me if the auto box on a 1958 MK 8 will bolt directly onto a 4.2 XJ6 XK

A 1958 MK8 autobox is a DG250, a very old 2 speed with direct drive (the 3e speed ) box.
It will bolt on to any XK engine.
But I do not advice it to be used on a XJ6, it is old harsh, and leaks most of the time.
But you need to have every part, and you need a new driveshaft, as the DG250 is a very short box.
And I wonder if it can even cope with the power of the 4.2.

The idea might be to use a 4.2 in a Mk 8, keep the old transmission and driveshaft but have more displacement. If it has too much power it will still be drivable under less throttle, but since the differences are not too great it will probably work out nicely.

Question is if the bolt patterns match.

As I already mentioned, it will bold to any XK engine, as the bolt patterns match.

Thanks for your advice Peter