Mk II or S Type gear box help needed - I have an odd request

(Pat Leask) #1

Oh where to start. I am on this forum as I am restoring an E type. I own a '67 Morgan that uses a MOSS gear box with the Triumph TR4 motor. I am seriously considering installing an OD unit to it.

A friend suggested that I consider simply swapping my gear box out, and using the MOSS gear box and OD unit out of a Mk II or S type.

I need to find someone who has one of these units out of the car who can supply me with some information that is critical to me moving forward with my idea, or stopping it dead :slight_smile:

  • What does the front of the gear box it’s self (sans bell housing) look like (photo if possible) ? So I can compare it to my Morgan MOSS box to see if the bell housings will match up

  • What is the distance from the front of the gear box (sans bell housing) to the center of the gear shift lever?
    Thanks all, Pat

(wardell) #2

Funny you should mention this… For a few years I’ve considered fitting an Stype box in place of the moss box on my MK9.
I currently have an Stype box , and bell housing in my garage alongside the original moss unit which just happens to be out of the car at the moment. The main problem I have, and you may also have, is the the front bearing assembly and oil seal on the moss box is held onto the box by its own cap. Whereas on the Stype unit it is retained by a series of concentric recesses machined into the rear of the bell housing.
I have added a photo of the front of the box and also of the moss unit which still has the bell housing attached. The face to stick dimension you asked for is about 11.5 inches.
Should you need any other dimensions such as shaft protrusion, bell housing depth, or box bolting pattern just ask

(John Quilter) #3

And if I recall correctly (am I correct?) on the Morgan there is a long extension between the flywheel and Moss gearbox. Not sure how this would affect your planned change over. Also there were very few S Type Jaguars sent to the USA with the Moss gearbox as in late 1964 they changed over to the full syncho box which my car has. Volume export of the S Types did not gear up until the 1965 model year so you would be more likely to find a Moss unit in a pre 1965 Mark II.

(wardell) #4

Ah! Reading this I realise that you are wanting to fit a Jag moss box. The picture I sent shows a Jag 4 synchro box. Sorry if this has confused anybody.

(Robin O'Connor) #5

Also keep in mind that there are different tops to the boxes (at least for the all synchro) so that might help with the gear lever position.

(Robert Laughton) #6


I have a 1963 MKII Moss )D on the floor. See pix.

Rob in Ontario

(wardell) #7

Does this box have a separate cap which holds the bearing in, or is it held in by a machined recess in the bell housing.? What are the 4 tapped holes around the bearing for? Thanks.

(Rob Reilly) #8

The Moss boxes I am familiar with have a sealing cover over the front bearing.

The suggestion to swap the whole box, rather than convert your non-OD to OD, is right. Converting would require a longer main shaft among other things.
Here is an OD box for an XK140. Front face to shifter is about 21".

OD boxes for saloons will have different tail mount pads and speedometer cable takeoffs.