Mk Iv 6 way wiring junction

Anyone have pic or verbal about where the 6 wire junction on driver side mounts on a left hand drive 1948 mk iv.


Don’t let me down Ed.

Here it is on a RHD car, on a bracket attaching to the top of the steering box and going forwards.

On a LHD car you may find you have a clearance problem, interference under your generator.

As you know, the Good Lord never intended man to sit on the Left hand side of a car to drive it. BUT… I will go and look att[ and take a photo] of the LHD car in at present.

I know Rob is fastidious so the cap that goes on the junction box… repros are available but these don’t have the "Lucas"brand on them. Originals aren’t too hard to come by.

This is all the picture I could get
The terminal block is long and thin. The loom comes from the end of the column and up and behind the term block and in to it
It’s very tight in there and one would need equipment for a gastroscopy [ coz it’sfrom the top end so not a coloonoscopy ] to get clearer pics.

Ah, so its an 8 terminal block, not a 6 terminal. Also used on Mark V, and mounted on the upper wing valence as on Mark V.

Not to worry, Ed, I do have the correct top cover. I had it off when I was tracing wires and color coding them.

The two extras in the picture are currently unused, one to the dashboard and one to the right hand fog light. I suspect there was once a dual function light there.

I thought the Good Lord made most people right handed because He knew they would want to shift gears with the right hand. :grin: