MK IV Air Conditioning cover

(David) #1

Does anyone have any photographs and dimensions/drawings of the Back Plate and for the Cover of the Air Conditioning unit on the MK IV (mine is 1948 build, 1 1/2 Litre SE). This is shown as Plate “S” and Cover “T” on the picture in my Service/Maintenance Book. After a full strip down and now back to re-building the car I have found that these two parts are missing from my workshop when I have come to re-install the Air Conditioning unit !!!

(Ed Nantes) #2

Here are the pieces of wood you willl need to make the cover. Thereis also a piece of card covered in vinyl [ leather-cloth] that goes over tand around the heater and matches the large hole shown here. You can see it in your drawing marked " cover T "
AS I said originally card , But Francis Thibaud had an excellent suggestion od instead usinga modern expanded vinyl sheet available at DIY hardware shops. This is available in sheets of 3mm thickness and when heated witha heat gun becomes quite pliable. but when it cools stays in the shape it has been formed to. We have tried it and it make sthe whole process easy. It’s alo excellent for the cover under the steering column under the dash.

(Peter Scott) #3

I’m sorry if this is speaking the obvious but Ed’s assembly of the parts is a little confusing in as much as the heater box resides on the underside of the tray but the part where the Radiomobile slides into is located on the top side.

Another minor thing to bear in mind is that the heater controls on the 1.5 are swapped relative to those in the six cylinder cars so I’m not sure whether the cut-outs for rheostat and water tap extension rod are exactly the same.


(Ed Nantes) #4

I just went to th e garage and threw the bits I had onto the table and took pics. What’s life without a little challenge… too easy and it’sno fun.

(David) #5

Thanks Ed - most helpful and I’ve started measuring and cutting out in ply wood (although I assumed the original back plate and cover would have been pressed metal, much easier for me to re-make in ply, etc). I’ve also raided the kitchen cupboards and found a cooking/salad strainer of a perfect size and shape needed to make the Cover - just need to cut out the base to fit the Air Con fan housing and cover it in leather cloth !!

I’ve noted your comments thanks Peter and have worked out the parts and their layout - the larger front edge cut out being to clear the clock housing and the smaller front cut out to clear the reset knob of the mileage trip readout. As you say, these are at different sides for the 1 1/2 litre car as opposed to the larger engine MK IV’s.

My Radiomobile unit was missing when I got the car so I’m still looking for a replacement and trying to source one that has been converted for the UK Digital Radio reception. I will wait until I get that before making the “holding tray” to go with Air Con plate and cover.

(Paul Wigton) #6

Didya clear this with the missus?


(Ed Nantes) #7

Between the ticker bits of wood with the curved sloping sides , ther e is a piece of card trim curved down at the ends and with just around hole in the centre for the heater to poke through.
Attached is the best pic I have on file

(Pekka T.) #8

I can drink to that! :smiley:
(Just rebuilding a gearbox for the first time in my life, could also be the last time, not sure yet)

Cheers! :beer: