Mk IV bonnet corner rubbers

(OddBrit) #1

Does anyone know of a source for the “original” shaped rubbers. Many supplies offer them but appear to be generic units that don’t fit well.

Thanks in advance - Jim

(Ed Nantes) #2

Alan Gibbinsin UK has thhe exact correct rubbers complete with bifurcated rivets.

(Rob Reilly) #3

Here is what I got from Simon at Worcester Classic Spares.
It is oversize and lacks the boss and hole for the screw.
Did the size change over the years?

(Ed Nantes) #4

Rob , that is a generic rubber. Alan has the correct specific SS ones.

(Rob Reilly) #5

Typical. Either you get for the wrong year or you order a right and get a left.
Anyone have a picture of the correct rubber?

(Biskit) #6

Hello Rob

Moss Motors sell a corner set for a TA,TC bonnet part #281-118

Don’t know if they are the same as a Jag or will fit.

Cheers Peter

(Rob Reilly) #7

Here’s the Moss Motors offering.

(OddBrit) #8


I’m going to order a set from Alan. Do you want me to order a second pair for you and split postage?

Jim Bolinger

(Peter Lloyd) #9

Generic units are for flat panels only. The Jag bonnets have a rolled stiffening edge along the lower inner edge. Generic ones need a piece cut off the back so they fit flat on the outside, but they then don’t grip the bonnet face and are easily ‘flicked’.

(Rob Reilly) #10

Ok I see that rolled stiffening edge. It stops short at the front end but continues all the way to the back end. That explains why there are two part numbers.

Mine are held on by screws and nuts, not bifurcated rivets.
I’d like to see a picture of whatever Alan is selling.

(Ed Nantes) #11

Here is a pic of the correct corners.the hole is for the wired edge of the bonnet

(Rob Reilly) #12

Ok it looks like those two would both be for the right rear. I suppose there is an opposite hand version for the left rear.
The big hole is not necessary on the front, so you could fill it with silicone, and the right rear would work on the left front, and the left rear would work on the right front.

(Ed Nantes) #13

The corners are the same for each of the four. There is no need for silicon Bill certainly would not hav e used it

On the front the end of the wired edge just goes into the hole in the rubber.
One has to remember these rubbers were made for SS Jaguar but for a range of models [ and bonnets]
As well as the big saloons there was the SS100 model and the OHV tourer and the 1 1/2 litre cars with shorter bonnets. . Bill wasn’t going to get extravagant and make slightly different ones for each. They worked well enoug and that’s all he needed.

(Rob Reilly) #14

Yes, I did not mean that Bill used it, I mean there is a big empty place in the fronts where I have a sharp edge, not a rolled edge, a weak spot that is torn on mine, that I think should be filled for better strength. I certainly have two “lefts” and two “rights”.

(Ed Nantes) #15


Yes there are 2 hands, but it’s one for REar RH/ front LH and the other is rear LH/ front RH. You by them as a set. They need to be held withbifurcated rivets ,screws would rub aainst the tape on the rad shell or on the shell itself,
It does work.

(Rob Reilly) #16

Ok sounds good.
I mentioned mine have very short screws, but looking at them more closely, I see the bonnet has been repainted twice, so the rivets were most likely lost at one of those times.