Mk IV Boot chrome repair issues

I’ve run into two issues in restoring chrome bits related to the boot of a Mk IV Saloon. From the first photo, both latches for the tool kit are missing the spring to keep the latch closed. It must attach to the additional screw on the right hand side. Does anyone have an idea of the type or design of the spring that is missing?

And for the boot lit locking handle, I am trying to remove the lock from the housing to have the item re-chromed. I know that it must have something to do with the small round pin mid-way, but is there a procedure I am missing to get it to release. I’ve tried to press the pin inwards toward the lock, but nothing seems to budge and I am afraid to treat it too roughly. Any suggestions on the process?

Thank you.

Hi Jim,

I can’t help you with the tool tray lock until I see Ken again but I think the brass pin in the boot lid handle can only be drilled out and replaced when you reassemble the lock.

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The lock barrel is held in the handle by the special screw in the approximately 3 mm hole in the center of your picture. The screw in that hole has a flat blade screwdriver drive slot and is standard thread rotation, counterclockwise to unscrew. The shaft of the screw goes alongside part of the lock barrel internal to the handle to prevent the lock barrel from being removed out the key end.

The spring is sort of a snake shape, hooks around two posts, held in by the slotted round head screw and flat washer.

I don’t know that you can buy one anywhere, but if you can find some springy steel you could bend it into that shape.

Very tiny screw holding in the lock barrel.

Thanks to everyone for the great advice. I’ve looked at the pin holding the lock barrel in place using a magnifying glass on two locks - both the boot handle and the locking exterior door handle. I don’t see any evidence on mine that there was a slot for a screwdriver in the special threaded pin. It could be that they have both been fiddled with over the years. So, would it be safest to try to drive the pin out or actually drill the pin out. I would guess there is no hope of finding a replacement threaded pin, so opt for another pin driven into place? Oh, this leads to another question, as I am missing two exterior door handles. On a saloon, how many of the doors were lockable from the exterior?

Hi James, I might be too late here but I have enclosed pics of mine. I had to have new one fabricated by a spring maker using the other original as a pattern. Made 30 but sold them all in a heartbeat - about 9 years ago!

Hopefully the attached might be useful. Cheers Darryl

On my '38 saloon only the right front locks from the outside. The other 3 lock on the inside.
I believe that is true of the later RHD saloons. Not sure about LHD Mark IVs.

It was also true of my LHD Mark V saloon, but I could never be sure if it was just a factory assembly error.
I found that inconvenient so I converted the handles and put the outside lock on the left, inside lock on the right.

Thanks Darryl, this will make a great pattern. This must have been a weak point - sounds like a common issue.

Hello James, on the screw-pin on the boot handle locking mechanism, I would not drive the pin out. A driving action would destroy the handle as there is no exit hole if the screw is driven out via a punch placed in the hole. The screw needs to be removed backing out through the hole where the screwdriver fits to unscrew it.

Enlarging Rob’s picture of the screw will give good resolution image of the threads and screw unthreaded shank. If there is no slot for a screwdriver to obtain good purchase on the screw, it would be good to consider a careful short drilling perhaps to thread depth and with small enough diameter not to nick the threads in the handle. This option might work if a sufficiently small easy-out or extractor is at hand. Beware that failures to succeed with easy-outs and extractors are known far and wide.

Last time I worked on one of these handles, I obtained all the spare parts for possible failure modes in advance. New reproduction handles are available but may need some close-tolerance machining to work.

Also, it will prove helpful over time if you put your country flag on your identity marker since that allows convenient parts and service recommendations depending on the part of the world from which you hail. One way to add your country flag is to click on your id circle at the upper right, then click on the grey person silhouette, then click on preferences, then click on profile, then select National Flag.

My RHD Saloon right front locks from the outside. All 3 other doors lock from the inside. Makes sense that the driver’s door is externally lockable.

Thanks Roger. This operation seems a bit above my pay grade! I suspect I already know the answer, but are new pins available? I’m just wanting to disassemble the handle, etc to send it off to be re-chromed. I’d like to keep the original, as well as the lock barrel to match the rest of the car. Maybe a reproduction is in order?

Sounds quite logical - thank you.

A few more close up pictures I took for these parts.

The handle lock pin screw on my car had the screwdriver slot completely filled with dirt, but after a good clean the slot was revealed and with some easing oil the screw came out. My advice if the screwdriver slot is damaged is to use a thin hardened nail towards the outer rim to try and gentely hammer anti-clockwise this screw pin out little by little and once you have some pertruding the handle you can grip it with some pliers. Trying to “punch it through” (as Roger mentioned) is only going to wedge it into the lock barral. Drilling it out and re-tapping the hole slightly larger could also work.

The lid locks also have a pin to dismantle, but these simply knock out and don’t have any screw threads.

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I would like to get some of these springs and I’m sure that If a batch of a few hundred were made by one of our enterprising members, they would be grabbed quickly.

Remember, these latches need to be reliable because if they release on the road, the tray lid opens and dumps all the tools into the boot.

I’m trying to make some from old clock springs with limited success. I’m having more success with an old dipstick which is made from a springy grade of stainless steel.


I would definitely be a buyer of 4 of the springs!! Sign me up.

The material for the spring is .040" x .250" spring steel.
I would use AISI 1095 which you can get in .042" +/- .002" from McMaster Carr in a 25 foot length part number 9075K413.

Hi James, on the special screw/pin that holds the lock barrel in the boot lid handle, I’ve checked my supplies and found none. I think my last one went into a friend’s Mark IV.

Do you have the service and parts manuals?

You might call Cordell Newby to see if he has any of the special screw/pin and boot handle assemblies. He has had the chrome bits previously. His phone is (509) 662-7748 . Cordell is winding down his business and may be moving soon from his Washington state home. Cordell has had a webpage under Western Jaguar name but last I looked it was down.

A supplier I have used for many years is Worcester Classic Spares in England, .

There are other suppliers such as Alan Gibbins who is Spares Secretary for the SS Register for the Jaguar Drivers’ Club, see The SS Register - Jaguar Drivers' Club Register . And you will build up a further list of suppliers as your various needs arise. Over the years, I have found it beneficial to have a relatively complete parts car.

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Thank you, Roger. I’m in touch with Cordell, and just got a nice order in from Worcester as well. I have the service manual for the Mk IV, but should be looking for the parts manual as well. Great advice!

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