MK IV DHC change speed lever

Hello all,
I have my gearbox converted to a 5 speed box but both the ‘original’ and the five speed gearbox speed lever are curved but the speed lever in the spare part catalogue is straight, does anyone have pictures of the exact speed lever?
many thanks

Hi Polti,

Your MkIV had a rather different lever to the SS Jaguar discussed in this thread. I can’t find a MkIV photo but here’s a MkV one (in neutral) and the box and lever are the same as your car would have had.

Here’s one in a MkIV
It’s possible that the lever in the MkIV is bent forwards.



I wonder, the pedals ona LHD MK IV arefurther back than HD. { Hope you aren’t tall]
Sooo I wonder f tey may havefoundthat bending the gear lever made gear changing more cpmfortable from the fursther back position
I’ll have a look at thelHDMK IV DHC tomorrow. I did sit in the back [ for alittle R&R, and therewas stuff all room compared to a RHD saloon.
Beside the back seat passengers can see out, too. In the saloon]