MK IV fabric for extruder

(Gust Nelson) #1

Exactly what is the fabric material(canvas?) that keeps debris out of the boot. Also anyone have the width of the material including that under the cross panel?

Gust Nelson

(Rob Reilly) #2

Having nothing at all in this line, I would love to see pictures of whatever was done.

(Graham Jordan) #3

Hi Gust.
Are you referring to this?

(Ed Nantes) #4

By coincidence, Doug did on a couple of days ago. Pic here. I’ll ask him the width of the material which was black vinyl. The screws are #4 self tappers. This won’t be exactly the same on SS saloons as shown here.

(Gust Nelson) #5

Graham, I was not present when my boot was disassembled. You are showing me what I need. There are 2 steps/plates that have fabric under them from what I see in the parts book. Correct? Also where does everything go. Many pics of both fabric placements would help. Also is your fabric black vinyl albeit well worn. Width of fabric would help also. With pics I should be able get things made up. I will have to make both plates and get new fabric. Thanks for all you help. Anyone else feel free to flood me with pics and guidance. Thanks to those who have responded.

Gust Nelson

(popop) #6

Hi Gus,
I used a heavy rubber sheet, such as used on roofs. thickness is approx 1/16 to 3/32", will remain flexible at all températures, and not flap at high speeds. It creates a fair seal when the boot lid is shut. It may not be authentic original material, but effective and not visible to Concours Judges.

(Gust Nelson) #7

Picture possibly. Thanks

Gust Nelson

(popop) #8

Two photos which are difficult to capture once the boot lid and spare tire lid are installed.

One with the spare tire shows the rubber piece across the entire width. Slightly arched so that it

rest against the upper boot lid when closed.

The other is taken from inside the boot with the lid slightly open to show the strip (vertical in photo)

looking white due to the flash.

It has kept the inside of the boot clean… never drove the car in the rain, hence, can’t attest to weather

seal. Hope these help.


(Ed Nantes) #9

The material serves 2 purposes. It may serve to seal the boot area from ingress of dust and dirt, although probably a more token gesture in the days when the cars were new and many roads were unmade.
But it also served to stop small items in the boot from rolling back and falling out.nthe V section steel strip rearward of the boot floor also assists in this.
The material was vinyl , filler weight, and black, the front (of the car) edge was straight and wasretained by a long strip of steel held with #4 self tappers you should ba able to see the holes
The rear edge was attached by a long piece of panel steel to the top of the
back half of the spare wheel cover likewise by #4 screws
The piece tapered at the ends. The material at the centre point was approx 8 1/2” wide slightly less at the ends. The pic I posted shows it on a car with the boot lid removed. The pic has been turned 90 deg

(popop) #10

Hello Ed,
Thank you for your correctly detailed information. I was unable to view the pic.

Wishing everyone a fun New Year 2019.

(Ed Nantes) #11

The pic is a few posts above here at post 4/10, it unfortunatly is rotated 90 degrees