Mk IV Manette - Look what's turned up!

Thanks everybody for the Manette information, yesterday I took possession of an early manette ( I think) with the advance retard stamped on the horn, this was sourced quite by chance when I sold the spare wheels and radiator cowling, with me stating I am looking for a horn push down the phone whilst negotiating pick up of the wheels and cowling, the guy called me back and said we have one and and we can do a deal, so when he picked up the wheels he dropped the Manette off, to say I was pleased would be an understatement !
However this manette does not come with the tube or the adapter ring I call it for the steering wheel
Part 41 in the spares book
Whilst I look at the posts on Manettes and other stuff does anybody have these parts and could they suggest how to create what is needed or any other info
Thanks to all


Hi, as previously mentioned, I have the part described and pictured by reknown expert Ed Nantes. I have put his words in italic

The OD of the tube is 9/16"
Ed stated ID 1/2". The length is the same

I can measure the ID and post pics of it on here if you wish. It is from a MKVII
(which Ed says will fit)


Jun '17

OK I have here pics of a manette base , Not a 1 1/2 litre but i don’t think that has any effect.
The tape next to it gives scale
Noticeably it has two slots across half way round the circumference{ no I have no idea why] and these may coincide with the loose part on Davids stator tube

I would suggest you won’t be able to repair the broken end of the stator tube so will have to replace it
It is pretty straight forward
1 /2 steel tube of the correct ID[ wall thickness can be sourced from a K VII, V < VIII< or MK IV 6 cylinder car . which is soldered into the round base plate [ silver soldered I’d suggest .]
The slot cut with a 1/8"end mill so as to have a round end

emphasized text

Here are some more pictures. My 1.5 Litre SE has the ADVANCE control as well as DIP and TURN levers. I found the internal contacts and that of the horn push botton needed taking apart and well cleaning.

Ignor the bent flat silver strip under the casing on the first picture, which I think I must have used to prop it up for the photo!!!

here is a pic of the same item Ed Nantes posted a pic of.

The dimensions are the same, it has a 1/2" ID

It has the wiring harness within and electrical contacts at the top

I have other manette pieces, but they are different to MKIV

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Brilliant !
thanks for posting I will have to make the two ring above the shown in your pictures above the wiring, do you have any dimensions for these