MK IV rear bumper J emblem

(Gust Nelson) #1

None of the usual vendors have one in stock. Anyone have acces or know of one. Just the J emblem would do. Have mount.

Gust Nelson

(Ed Nantes) #2


Your best bet is to have one water jet cut from brass. Or while they are doing it, get a few as most of the cost is in the setting up.
Then sell the rest to cover your cost
They get an excellent result

(popop) #3

Have you tried with Cordell Newby ?

(Rob Reilly) #4

This was on my SS rear bumper when it came to me. It has the number B4195/1 and a WB logo on the back which I believe is the manufacturer Wilmot Breeden. I have since acquired an original SS motif.

If you don’t find anything better, well, maybe it can be restored.

(Ed Nantes) #5

Rob, post war cars had a decorative”J” in brass on the plinth in your pics, The plinth was chromed, but the J just in brass.
The J was about 1/8” thick. from memory So if one has a drawing , tracing or a sample it would be easy to have cut out and solder a couple of studs on the back, it was ornate with curliques at some places.

(Rob Reilly) #6

Ahh, thanks, I wondered why it didn’t have any remnant of a J, guess it fell off long ago.

(Gust Nelson) #7

Yes I had contacted Cordell first. He had sold his last unit.

(Ed Nantes) #8

Bit like the " J Curve’’ in