Mk IV spare tire cover latches & wiper shaft

(Gust Nelson) #1


Anyone have access to the spare tire latches for a MK IV. Also missing the shafts through the cowl to where the wiper blade(squeegee) attaches. Any help appreciated. Come on Ed make them magically appear.

Gust Nelson

(Ed Nantes) #2

Abra cadabra, OOps the battery is flat .
The wipers, The shafts are attached to assemblies that are operated by a flat’ shaft’ connecting the 2 and the wiper motor. The LH mech incorporates the electrical sw to turn themon. Do you have any of this. The shafts themselves are 1/4" brass [from memory]
If the sw has died, a reasonable fix is a separate sw on the panel under the dash to control the current.
I can’t help with the spare wheel cover latches. I presume you mean the operating part with the tongue that comes out. The castings on the body commonly are broken and the usual fix is the fill the big holes with plasticine and have a non-ferrous foundry cast them solid in aluminium , then mill the slot, One anly needs to do the one the tongue engages on , the other was put there to same metal…" every penny counts"

(Gust Nelson) #3

Ed, etal
Just missing the shaft. The supporting bracket and all other wiper parts we have. May have to machine. Do have Mk V cover latches and from looking at them may be able to adapt for Mk IV use.