MK IV Technical sheet


I am George from Austria.
I have a MK IV from 1947. For the typification in Austria I need the axel loads front and rear and the maximal weight.
Does anybody know where I can get this Information ?

Hi George, If I were you I would just assume that the weight distribution is 50:50. Your car weighs 26.5 cwt = 1346 kg so just use 673 kg for each axle.


Magazine road tests of the period by The Motor and The Autocar report the weight of the 1-1/2 Liter as 25 or 26 cwt, and the 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 Liters as 31.5 or 32 cwt or 32cwt 2qr.
One of our British friends will be able to convert that into kilograms.
Weight distribution front to rear was not mentioned, perhaps because in a saloon it was not considered of great importance, and would vary somewhat when the tank was full or empty. I would assume 50% front 50% rear.

Hi Georg
Some time ago I put each axle over the weighbridge and the readings were as follows for my 3.5 lt mk4.
Front axle 860kg
Rear axle 890kg
Total with 80kg driver 1750 kg.
Hope this helps