MK IV wiper pics or diagram

(Gust Nelson) #1

As most know, My resto man died 60% through my Saloon restoration. Being that he was also an admin nightmare did not help. Thus my many questions on pics and where to get parts issues. That said can anyone point me to a source for:

License cover plate rubber moulding
Pics or diagram for wiper system

Sure more questions later.

Gust Nelson

(Ed Nantes) #2

Gus the rubber section around the number plate/tail lamp frame is the same as used on the pillar the NDW windows cles onto on the front door
I think Alan Gibbins in UK sells , enough for both jobs. I may be able to take a pic of the wiper set on a car with the dash removed, I’ll post it separately

(popop) #3

Gus, two photos of the wiper linkage Assembly, with the switch on the right side.

/Users/danielgraf100/Pictures/Photos Library 2.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/26/00/2657/UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2657.jpg
/Users/danielgraf100/Pictures/Photos Library 2.photoslibrary/resources/proxies/derivatives/1a/00/1ae7/gsdvtMhcT369atuB0IxUgA_thumb_1ae7.jpg

(David) #4

A few more close up pictures taken when I dismantled my dashboard and before restoration starting.