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I sent my mk IX rear calipers to white post for rebuilding. The rebuilt parts were left on my porch and porch pirates stole them. If I can find some more that would great. Please contact me with any leads where i find any. Thanks. Jerry

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Jerry MK2 rear caliper bodies and early EType 1 3/4” pistons instead of the MK9
1 7/8” items might solve the prob.
If the handbrake mechanisms are lost also, more of a problem!
If you cannot locate MK9 or XK 150 items then this is a long shot. Some early JCB tractor/ diggers use suitable mechanisms as a transmission brake,
these are one hand but can be adapted as a pair. So ! Any JCB parts suppliers
In your area ! you might get lucky.
Peter B

Thankyou Peter,
I do still have the handbrake parts. Just the dual cylinder and brake line. So a mk 2 will bolt up?

As I recall MK 9 discs are 1/2” at the front and 3/8” rear, MK 2s are also 3/8” F and R whereas the E type rear calipers go with 1/2” discs, as I’m sure you know. Bolt spacing as well as offset is the same on the rear calipers for 9 2 and E , the mounting brackets allow for the difference In disc diameter.
Peter B

As I recall, the MK9 calipers are 2 1/2" and the bolt pattern is different. Better go on the sedan forum to make sure. Years ago I sold a set of used ones for a Ferrari guy.


Yes you are correct Phil but ! we are talking REAR calipers.
Peter B

I’m not very familiar with the MK9 calipers, but if they are 2 1/8" diameter pistons and the bolt pattern the same as the E’s with the slip on brake pads and not the glue-ons like the early 150’s, you can buy brand new calipers from Datsun (Nissan) for about $100 each. Early Datsuns used them and they are still available as factory parts. If you look through my posts about 6 months ago, I had the factory Nissan part number. I don’t have it with it now. At the shop we buy about 2 dozen a year for customer cars.


It’s Jerry at the top of the thread that needs the calipers Phil, but yes I recall your thread on the Nissan calipers.
The MK9 front calipers are , as you suggest, 2 1/2” dis with a wider spaced bolt dimension for the caliper body, but the rear pistons are 1 7/8” dia. on the smaller body.
The relevant point is , do the Nissan calipers mount the Jaguar handbrake mechanisms ?