MK IX wiring diagram

Anyone out there that can send me a wiring diagram for a very late (1961) MK IX? I would be great if anyone had one for the very last variation but this point I wont be too picky.
The MK VII will not suffice for my needs. e mail is:
Thank You

What particular section are you looking for?
The main differences concern the lights and indicators.

Reverse lights, brake lights, Turn signals, The rear interior lights and horn.

Will these magnify?

Just checked and the dia is for the early MK9 so the MK2 dia might help with the later MK9 Rear light cluster and the rev generator.

Thank you so much for the diagrams.
Unfortunately this is a post chassis no. 79000 car and presents unique challenges due to the changes they made during the final edition of the IX.
While in excellent condition this vehicle sat for many years without being driven which does nothing good for electrics, brakes,fuel system,Well everything I guess.
So for those of you going thru all the time and money to restore Jags, or any make of vintage vehicle,drive it at least an hour a month!!!

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