MK V 2.5L rod bearings

Hi Rob,. Not sure if this helps you, but I went down a similar path with my 3.5. I have XK steel rods with 350 chev bearings, and new pistons etc… Ive shared this on JL before, but here it is again…Jag Engine Rebuilt Summary Pages 1-3 - No Pricing.pdf (1.1 MB)
Cheers, Jon.

According to a tranny builder in CT who is quite familiar with these trannys and its need of an OD. He says the type A is the only one that will fit the MK 4 & 5. You then have to change shafts and so on…ending up with a $2800 bill to go 10-15 mph faster at the same rpm. A bit steep for me as I was forced into retirement by Hurricane Irma and chartering in the Caribbean for 40 years unfortunately didn’t come with a pension plan.

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The offset oil holes are correct for the dural rods and the centred holes are correct for the steel rods.


Well, when I removed the bearings, the holes were only covering half the holes in the journals. I filed them out and had them coated but now am looking for +.030 ones to put back in. I’m still mystified that they weren’t marked as non standard and +.020. That’s a bit misleading!

When I first got my car it had been fitted with re-metalled shells and this initially confused me as the shells were marked STD whereas in practice they were sized for an undersize shaft.


It sounds like the Brits aren’t as organized as here in the US. I’m used to seeing it marked on bearings here.
My mains are +.010 but not marked either.

Yes, we learnt never to take anything for granted. Question absolutely everything!

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