MK V Barn Find in NJ

This may be a bit premature but we need to start somewhere. I was at a car show in New Jersey a couple of weeks ago, and since mine was only one of the two Jaguars there, a woman came up to me to chat. She explained that her late husband had a Jaguar of some sort in their garage that he had been working on it but not completed it. She described it as an early '50’s sedan, but that’s all she knew. I gave her my phone and email and asked her to copy the numbers from the data plate and send them to me. Well, I received them today and it turns out that she has a '49 3 1/2 Litre LHD MKV saloon. I don’t know what condition it is in but she did mention that the engine was inside the passenger compartment. We made arrangements for me to visit and take pictures later in June, so I will have more information then. Some of you may know me from the XK, Saloons and E-Type lists, but I know very little about the Pre-XK’s, except that they are beautiful. I think if I saw a maroon over black MkIV drophead I would have a hard time keeping my checkbook holstered. However, at my stage in life I don’t need another project, but someone else could be interested. I’ll document this car as best I can, but I could certainly use some advice on what to specifically look for.

Hi Mike, sounds like the car presently is a mid-engine configuration! If the owner allows posting some pictures of the car online here, some of us might offer opinions depending on owner desires for next steps. Thanks for your interest, I look forward to hearing more from your efforts.

Hi Mike, haven’t heard from you in awhile.
3.5 LHD saloon chassis numbers ran from 627001 to 628905.
The number is stamped on the outboard side of the frame near or under the front bumper bracket, and/or on the bracket for a LHD master cylinder.
Engine numbers are located on the right side of the block on a flat boss above the starter motor, and ran from T5001 to T9999 and then Z1501 to about Z3500.
The cylinder head does not have a serial number.
Body number is on a tag pop riveted to the left hand side of the scuttle (firewall).
Also stamped on the left side edge of the sunroof.
Gearbox type SH or JH serial number stamped on top cover and left side same as XK120.
You will recognize a lot of XK120 parts.
A US delivered car with have flashing turn signals and two bulbs in each tail light, where cars for most other countries will have the trafficator semifores in the center door pillars and only one bulb in each tail light.
Naturally we are interested in the original color scheme if it can be determined.
Photos also welcome.
Tool kit in the boot lid always interesting, but be careful opening it as the hinges can be weak. I am looking for photos of the tool tray showing whatever is deep down underneath the tire pump and starting crank, whether green flock or black tar paper.
Pix of the spare tire door open and shut would be welcome. It opens with the same coach key as the spats.
Ask if the data can be entered on

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