Mk V brake pipe layout query!

Does anyone, on this excellent site, have a picture of the brake pipe layout for a RHD Mk V saloon, please? I am just about to replace all the brake pipes and I want to id and label each one. The copy of the brake pipe layout that appears in the parts book is somewhat blurred and won’t blow up to, say, A3 for clarity.

I made this list when I made all new cunifer lines.

Mark V brake pipes and hoses.pdf (24.8 KB)

I got the hoses from a place in Georgia called EL Johnston, I found online that will make them up with the correct end fittings.

Thank you Rob, that will be useful as a “tick-off” list. regards Morsey

Careful David,

New brake pipes from Georgia will be for left-hand-drive Mark V, so will not be the same as for your right hand drive Mark V. You need to do a bit of resercah as to what, if any, will be interchangeable.
Most of the pipes will be different if supplied pre-bent to fit, but if supplied unbent, just the straight lengths with end fittings, they may then be OK for you to bend to suit RHD.
I don’t know detail of Mark V, but with XK140 all the pipes are common length before bending regardless of LHD or RHD, maybe Mark V is the same, maybe not. Not sure if the SPC helps or not…

No, I just got the three hoses from Georgia, and they would be the same for all Mark V.

All the pipes I made myself from coils of cunifer tube, 1/4" and 3/16".
I copied the length from the old steel pipes, used the end fittings from the steel pipes, and made the end flares using a special flaring tool. It is a double flare so you need this tool.
double flare mandrels
brake line flaring tools
I only had samples of the sliding pivot brake pipes on my late LHD Mark V. The RHD sliding pivot and both earlier fixed pivot brake systems might have different length pipes, where you see blanks in the length column of my chart, but probably the same diameters.


Hi Rob, Thank you for the photos they are going to be very useful when I come to put the new pipes on. My car is an unrestored 70 year old car and so every union and tee piece are a real pain to take apart. Today starting at the front I’ve reached the rear brakes. The front cross car pipe I cannot find a way of getting as when the car was put back to together (you notice that I did not say restored) wires were threaded under the pipe instead of above hence I cannot retrieve it. I will cut it in two and get the new pipe with a union fitted half way. I have a friend who sell various ready made pipes, hoses and fitting and so as soon as I’ve wrestled the remaining pipes of the car they will go to him as patterns. Happy days ahead - maybe!

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Hi Rob, interestingly you can see your chassis number in the photo of your master cylinder. Is that a brake switch in the end of the master cylinder?


Yes! And that is also exactly how the brake master cylinder, pipes, chassis number, etc look on mine #647194, just add some crud and rust. :slight_smile:


Yes, LHD cars had a hydraulically operated switch, same as used on many American cars, where RHD cars had a dry mechanical switch pulled by a spring, same as used on MGTC.
I thought I had a pic of the hydraulic line running along the RH chassis, but can’t find it, will have to take another.