MK V or VII identification, years of Manufacture


Have what was believed to be a 1955 MK VII, which I now believe is a MK V. Would like to know year and confirm Model. From reading past posts it appears to be older than 1952.
Chassie 627415 Engine T6694 Body G3348 Gear Box SH5583.
Is there a method ot post a picture?

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Have a look at How do I: Add pictures to a post?

The #user-guides-and-how-tos category contains our user guides.


That was easy, thank you

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Posting pictures on Jag-Lovers is easy. I do it all the time and learned how to do it by reading the How To Guides.

Go to the Home Page, select Forums Top, scroll down until you fine the User’s Guides section and then select the instructions on how to post pictures. There are lots of other helpful guides posted that you might find useful.


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Posted pictures indicate a LHD Mark V saloon. Serial number 627415 looks about early 1950 or late 1949 build date. See Jaguar Mark V register which was closed at 2006, at for some information on Mark V chassis, engine, gearbox, and “Year”. “Year” means different things to different people, such as build date, model year, date of first road registration.


Thank you all for your kind replies and help. Wonderful site.

(Rob Reilly) #7

Very definitely a Mark V saloon, and the approximate month of manufacture can be guessed by the body number.
Body numbers began at G1001 so G3348 is the 2348th saloon body out of a total of about 9000.
Mine is G6468 and left the factory on April 18, 1950. You can figure on an average of 100 cars per week, so yours was made roughly about 31 weeks before that, mid September 1949, and if sold in the US probably didn’t arrive until a couple of months later and was titled as a 1950.


Heh, you guys are good

(Rob Reilly) #9

You might want to get a heritage certificate for each car from the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust. There is a charge but it is well worth it.
The saloons forum would love to hear about your Mark VII.
The pre-xk forum would love to hear about your Mark V.

(Paul Wigton) #10

Looks like a mid-50s Mercedes-Benz, on the car’s right side: had one just like it!

I finally remembered: an Adenaur! Parts were monstrously expensive in the early 80s, which is why I never restored the one I had.


It is a 1954, not running and well down the list for attention. Presently woorking on 59 MK I, (carbs, brakes and ignition), 82 911 Porsche (new engine). next up