Mk V transverse braking

Hi, feel a bit of a stranger here because my concern is actually for the rear brakes on a 1948 25 cwt Commer truck. (Sorry, perhaps I should say lorry. Not the word we use in Australia). It appears that the early braking system on the Mk V rear axle is almost identical to that on the Commer, except for the hand brake attachment. I need the springs that fit in between the cups, the cup spreaders and the spacers. I know they are rarer than rocking horse manure but even if I could get hold of pictures, measurements or damaged unserviceable samples that would be a start. I have spent the last week searching the internet and firing of emails to no avail. By the way, I do have an MG ZA Magnette, almost a Jag.
TrevD from Oz

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Tom in Sydney, where are you located? there’s a couple of people in Sydney i know may help you if interested

730 km from Sydney but not out of the question.

Give geoff Sara a call, he’s got a lot of tech info>> PH. 9531 8155 or cathouse spares, if those cant help you they may well know locals

Thanks Tom, will do

A friend of mine loves his Magnette!! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the crazy bin!

Hello Trevor, welcome to a small part of the anorak universe.

The Mark V rear brake system came in two versions. Attached here are two downloadable pdf files showing the two versions. As well, for each of the two versions there were variations according to whether E.N.V or Salisbury rear axle was used.

Are you able to identify specific part needed by looking at these drawings?
09 Brakes Plate Z.pdf (157.0 KB)
09 Brakes Plate YZ.pdf (149.4 KB)

Thank you Roger. I drive an Austin 8 tourer so I know about both types of anoraks. As for the brakes Plate Z is the one. I am totally missing the spreaders (61), the spacers (62) and the springs (63). I have the sleeves (59) but they really are only good as samples.The pull rods (49) were cut to get the whole corroded mess apart, but probably could be used as samples to make new ones. The plunger assemblies (64) are suitable as samples only also.
Various places say they can supply the seals and boots.
The previous owner must have had trouble with the brakes so he had blanked off the pipe to the rear axle and driven it on the front brakes and the hand brake. No annual vehicle tests in Victoria. He also had added a set of overload springs for good measure. After all, why carry only 25 cwt when your neighbour probably has a 5 ton Austin or Chev. Follow up by parking it in an open sided shed for 40 years until an enthusiast spots a bargain. (bargain?)

I am in Sydney and have recently completed this job on a MKV Drophead Coupe’.
These may assist you, as you have found out parts are difficult (sorry, very difficult) to source.

Hello David, looks beautiful. Did you actually manage to buy these somewhere. Talking of drophead coupes there is a guy in our club who has one which was previously owned by R M Williams…Beautiful piece of work. If you from from outside of Australia RM is a bit of a legend here in the outback.