MK V windscreen removal

I am trying to remove the windscreen on my MK V Saloon. There were two screws/nuts on each side and one on the bottom. All of which broke off while trying to unscrew. If there are any on the top, they must be under the visor pocket wood. The screws holding the wood in place are severely corroded and won’t be fun to remove. If any one here has done this, please help me out!

Your Mark V is most likely a 1949, as there were only one or two made in 1948 for shows, demonstrations and testing. Production lines didn’t get going until Jan '49.
There are a total of eight nuts holding in the screen. Two on each side, one at the top center, one at the bottom center, and two near the bottom corners.
The screw is what I would call a Tee stud, for lack of a better term, because it looks like a letter T. A thin square head with a short shank. I made the heads from flat stainless steel stock and drilled and tapped them for a #10-32 threaded rod, screwed in short #10-32 SS rods, welded them in, then ground off the excess weld.

Thank you for your response. Paperwork and Registration show 1948. Anyway, I did break 7 studs so far. Another person wrote me to say that they were T headed sliding studs. Guess I’ll have to pull down the wood pieces to find out if one or more up there.

Yes, the Tee heads fit into a cutout spot in the frame and then you slide them around in a slot to where they belong.

Registrations seem to acquire mistakes, often by the government paper pushers. A JDHT certificate would tell you the build date.

My '38 SS seems to have got a wrong license plate number at its birth, and carried the mistake along with it in yearly renewals until it left the UK in 1977.

Well I got the windscreen out and the T head slide screws are smaller but similar to those that hold trim on my 1930 LaSalle. I can machine these in brass to prevent rust for the next guy.
Now I’m in need of big end rod bearings for the 2.5L engine. The originals listed in the book (and the ones in the car) are Glacier S7583M. Do you by any chance have a lead on a source for these? I talked to an old Jaguar aficionado named Walter, don’t know his last name, and he told me that if they were just grooved, to scrape them long wise with a razor blade to remove any high spots and swap another rod’s bottom for the grooved top one as the load is on the top half of the bearing. I’ll do this if all else fails but would rather replace them.
Worcester Classic Spares doesn’t have standard ones, only +20 and I really don’t want to remove and machine the crank.
Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated!