MK VII 1951 new to me

Picked up this car a New Mexico survivor. Body is quite good except for under drivers feet. It got ate out by a leak thru sun roof.
chassis 731952
body L004184
gear box JH8223
engine A4272-8. engine now in car is: C8926-8S

anyone know what car this engine came from? C head still on engine and runs great.
Thanks, Dave

No engine serials began with C, so I’m guessing it is a letter G and there is a large letter C in the middle of the valley. In which case it is from an XK140.

Yes the C is in the middle of the valley on the head. Will try and get a better look at the engine number. Any idea what year produced?
Thanks again.

There is a website called that has info about the 120s, 140s, and 150s. Check out the cars listed there and you might find a car with a nearby engine serial number.



There is also a website with info about a variety of the Jaguar saloons.


XK140 G engines began with G1001 so G8926 would be the 7926th XK140 engine produced. That would put it in late 1956.
The suffix -8 means it has domed pistons for 8:1 compression ratio, and the suffix S means it was in a Special Equipment 140 with the C-Type head, wire wheels and dual exhaust.
So it will have more power than the A4272 engine would have had.

Thanks Paul! Will try it out.