MK VII and VIII Manual Overdrive Models ( MOD )

Hi fellow Addicts. I have a few old Jags, restored and unrestored, and in amongst them unrestored ones a 1954 MK VII manual overdrive and a 1958 MK VIII manual overdrive. Over the last 35 years I have owned a number of these big beasts, most of them 4 speed manual MK VIIs, and automatic MK VIIIs, but never a manual with overdrive. Have been trying to find out how many of the MODs for these models were produced, but no success. Even the Jag Heritage people can not tell me ( or do not want to tell me ). They want me to pay 60 Great British Pounds/ hour for one of there guys to search in the archives.
Would anyone have some information on these numbers or a hint where to search?

Cheers Gerhard

You could scroll through and see how many are listed with a JLN gearbox serial number.


Sure. I believe that the reason is that unlike the MKIV & MKV and XK120-150, the build sheets of the “big cats” MKVII-MKIX are not digitized, yet.

Over here MOD was common, even on MKIX but I think since the automatic was introduced ca. 1954 almost all American sales was automatic.



Thanks for your comment. Cheers Gerhard

Thank you. Interesting website that I did not know about.