Mk X Door Rubber Seals

(Cackle) #1

Has anyone located the door rubber seals for the MKX or 420G in the US recently? I have tried the usual suppliers in the US but none are currently in stock. I have seen posts of members purchasing the seal from oversees companies but I am alittle relunctant to purchase them. Any advise?

(carsoncitysmith) #2

Jc Whitney and some GTO parts supplier both had the seal by the yard, if you want to cut and glue it in. That was some years back, but the straight stock is available in you can’t find a kit.
P. Smith

(The Jag Man) #3

Check out some of the household door insulation sticky foam rolls, they can work in a pinch.


(tony) #4

I believe UK suppliers will have some in stock

Be aware that the new rubber will be “fatter” than the old squashed down one, and likely to change characteristics of door shutting, from perfect, to slam

Their is 2 “seal sets” …a set of 4, once for each door. Then a “rubber on body” kit, which has various sections, including a 12ft long piece. This has a rubber foot that mounts within a metal channel welded to the body frame

rust in the lower section of the body channel is common

One of my next jobs is to make a jig for this channel, form new sections, and let them in.

forum will be updated when I remediate this

(Cackle) #5

I have already oredered from the UK. I will post the results. Thank you

(OddBrit) #6

I’m in the same boat on my Mark X. Where did you order them from in England?

Thanks in advance - Jim

(Cackle) #7

I ordered at Baines in the UK. There is a post on Jag Lovers Forum that states the Baines part numbers. They are currently out of stock on the door seals but I have ordered other seals from them. There is a company in Australia called Old Rubber but Did not order from them.

(tony) #8

Old Auto Rubber makes his own extrusions, as I understand it from talking to him personally, so that is good & bad, in that he is a separate Independant manafacturer (as such).

On the negative, he isnt the easiset guy in world to talk to, and others I have mentioned him to, he was out of stock of some items.

Maybe he has the “rubber on body” stuff in stock…that is the rare bits, you can check his online catalogue, or phone him (but make sure you have HIS part num out of the catalogue!)

The “rubber on door” items are for sale on Ebay

to my knowledge, items come as a length, must be cut & glued, not fully moulded

here is some links to Scotts Old Auto Rubber that will help you…

what you need is part 260.024 30metre length…for rubber on body

link to MKX parts