Mk X manual trans conversion

Has anyone done a Mk 10 modern manual trans conversion? Possibly a 6 speed? Considering performing one on my 1963.

Why modern?

Lots of cars came from the factory with manual 4-speed + overdrive, works well and is a pleasure to drive.


Not over here in the states they didn’t. 4 speed manuals with overdrives are hard to find. I’m looking for a manual gearbox pedal assembly for a Mk X right now as well.
A modern 5 or overdrive 6 speed that would fit would be great!

The common one I have heard about is a Tremic. Believe they are 5 speeds. Should fit OK as manual are usually less bulky that automatics but you still have to find a pedal box, clutch master, and pedal and may have to shorten or lengthen the propshaft. Once drove an XK150 with one of these boxes and it worked very nicely.

Bellhousing for Jaguar 6 Cylinder to Toyota Supra W55-58 5 Speed Manual - Dellow Conversions

I did a conversion in a V12 XJ, some of the boxes can handle a lot of torque

You do need to source and/or modify many items such as flywheel, pedal box, clutch plates, clutch actuating cylinders, tailshaft, speedo, etc etc

Maybe the Tremec would be better for USA, but I believe there are similar issues with fitting one of them as well

A rusty donor manual XJ would be another alternative