MK X vs 420G Seats

Ive heard that later model MK X and 420G’s had more supportive and comfortable seats than the early 3.8 versions. Anyone here know the differences, or have comparison pics of the two?

I believe they were changed to a more “bolstered” design to to stop one sliding around, as they are so large

The other changes are cosmetic…later design has perforated leather in some areas and thinner pleats

This info is contained in one of the 2 major books on these models by Thorley and Skilleter (if you have them )

Thanks Tony,
Ill see if I have those in my library. Information is rather difficult to come by on restoring Mk X’s.
Scouring the topics here is a bit tough. It seems there was more on the older version of this site, but they are fairly difficult to access.
I plan to document everything during this resto and offer it up to those who are ambitious enough to tackle such a project.

Indeed…that is why I have put up a large number of posts regarding my 420G

If you search “420G” with my user name, you will find hundreds of posts