MK1 air silencer hose

is there anywhere in the world??? to get the proper original type hose from the fender wall to the air silencer in the Mark 1 engine bay ?

obviously most cars have a cheap plastic replacement if anything at all.

anybody want to sell an original?



anybody have any ideas?

I have searched the world for years for new or good used one without result.
but, I’m just one person.

no one has an idea or an old one they don’t want?

this entire post seems to be talking about something else

there is is no “flapper” and the original hose in question is 78mm (about 3") in diameter and 12" long.
a black fabric rubberized hose with a spiral wire support.

don’t know what Mathygreen is talking about.

any other suggestions? Thanks,

Same feeling here. Looks like a frantic AI spammer bot attack with trans-forum copy&paste weaponry.
German engineers ? What a miss. Learn!, AI.

Regarding the spiral hose - as I’m still ahead of the subject, and mine is somewhat useable - I guess I would lean towards heating & ventillation stores / suppliers.
Or maybe some truck interior vent supplies / manufacturer ?

Either way - I have a feeling that double-wall pipe could be welcome here …

I have never seen the original type hose available, but I ended up going with this…

thanks Jeff,

I’m looking for something that at least looks original.

before posting here I have spent ten years looking.
swap meets, restorers, all vendors, UK, USA, Australia, Canada.
and looking on other cars.

there is a Lamborghini hose that might work but the cost is high and it would need modification.

anyone have an original laying around they want to sell?

Please post if you find something that looks original. JS

AFAIK Mk2 & Mk1 3.4 had similar intake flex pipes for engine-mounted intake silencer.
But Mk1 2.4 with downdraft carburetors had different intake setup. Which one we’re after ?
My Mk1 3.4 had this thing under the hood:

looking for the 3.4 version.

the above pictured hose is not original.

this engine bay looks like the original hose right down to the break in the hose.

but it has replaced the hose we are looking for.

I see that same dimension pipe is also going down to wet intake air filter under the wing.
It’s made of extruded aluminum double-clad in some paper or similar.
Perhaps same pipe was used under bonnet and got deteriorated fast
living just above the exhaust manifold.

How about Webasto flex pipe, these come in 75 & 80mm sizes:

Webasto flex

My XK120 FHC uses something similar to Piotr’s picture. I don’t know if its the same size.
McMaster-Carr has duct hose in a wide variety of types and sizes.

just for the record I appreciate the suggestions…

but, I’m only interested in original or what looks original.

as in the picture I posted. under the wing is a different hose that was never in the engine bay.
the original is a rubber hose with a spiral wire and a texture a bit like a stockinette radiator hose.

funny that the only hose in the world that falls into this category is made for a Lamborghini

hose should look like this.

this one is for a Lamborghini but fit a jaguar MK1

closest construction and look obtainable today.
unless someone know different.

Do you have a supplier or part #? I’m afraid to ask the cost. JS

Maybe we have to think outside of the box here… How about industrial hoses?.. have a look at these guys…

you guys are tough.

I’ve been thinking out of the box for 20 years on this one and thinking in the box too.

all I want is original or looks like original.

no one has suggested a hose that looks or functions like original.

I’ll find the part number for the Lamborghini hose.
only about $60-90.00

and only lacking in original texture.

available on eBay used or new.
modify as desired but fits without modification as well.
closest match in the world.

I’ll still take an original if anyone has a good one!

this looks close

I think the hose looks the same as the MKX/420G hose to inlet plenum

about 4" diameter, cloth wrapped over spiral wire

I think I may have a length from a wrecked vehicle somewhere, it isnt in great condition

I do have a pretty good one in my 420G

That is a possible source, vehicles getting wrecked, try advertising on “classifieds”

have a look at an image of the MKX engine bay

as noted above, the MK 1 hose is 3" in diameter.

no other Jaguar uses this size hose.

the MK X/420 G uses a 4" hose of the same construction.

thanks for the thought though.
unfortunately that hose is not compatible.