MK1 fuel sending unit


The fuel sending unit has gone south on my mk1. Impossible to get a replacement. Just wondering if any of the available units will work on a MK1. XK120 and MK2 are readily available. Thanks

(peter balls) #2

Andy does your car still have a MK1 tank? Perhaps a MK11 tank is fitted!
MK11 sender has spade connections but should do the job.
Peter B


Hey Peter,
Car is all original so it has the mk1 tank. I thought maybe I might be able to use the mk2 sender and bend the float arm to make it work. Thought someone may have tried this and know if it works or how to much to adjust the float. Thanks for reaching out. Andy

(John Quilter) #4

Does your sender have a rectangular cover held on by small screws? If so opening it up may give you an idea why it has failed. It is basically just a rheostat with a contact arm and a coil the arm rubs on. Maybe it just needs a good cleaning.



I’ve tried cleaning and playing with the arms and coil with no success. It looks like the coil may just be worn out. I’ve ordered the mk2 sender from SNG Barrett and am hoping it will work. Thanks for the input. I’ll put out an update when I install the new one.


(Rob Reilly) #6

I rebuilt the one for my '38 SS. Its pretty simple, just a wire wrapped around a post, one end soldered to a ground eye terminal and the other soldered to the through post terminal, but a wire end was broke so it was delicate soldering work. I unwrapped the wire one turn to give myself some slack.