Mk1 handbrake pads mounting

I’m a bit concerned about using copper 5mm dia. bifurcated rivets as factory used to fix pads in place. These rivets are hard to come by and this solution seems … weak.
I decided to use XJ6 rear calipers with original Mk1 handbrake carriers but it seems that those rivets would be even more stressed during handbraking than in original Mk1 setup as carriers are less perpendicular to disc rotation.

I’m considering tapping the arms and using steel bolts instead. Maybe these should be stainless so won’ t rust ?

This all will be combined with DIY brake pads, (waterjet) cut & routed from big hefty truck brake pads, as factory recreation pads are quite costy and not easy to purchase.

All insights welcome !

Some pics:

Maybe glue them in as well as rivets , or use newer pad carriers