[MK1] Installing a +ve earth Dynator

Well I finally shelled out for the positive earth alternator; a WOSP dynator supplied by MOSS.
Now, I’m scratching my head wondering how they can cal this a “direct replacement”.
I’ve sent off a note for help to MOSS (the retailer) because WOSP don’t appear to deal with the public. So I’ll wait and see what they say.

In the mean time, here’s what I’m facing.

I have a '59 Mk1 3.4, bone stock original that I want to make a little more reliable and drive it more. So an alternator conversion seemed like a good move. I ordered a positive earth variety so that the car can easily be returned to original at any point.
In the pictures attached (i hope they are) you can see that the new Dynator pulley location is not the same at the generator and as such will not line up with the belt.
Has anyone else delt with this conversion and or this brand of Dynator?
I’d really welcome any pointers. Maybe I can mount it on the other side of the lugs.
In the '59, the regulator only has three leads ‘B’, ‘F’, and ‘D’ but the cryptic installation instructions only really deal with a later 5 lead regulator. ANd the ingition indicator light is on the D not on the F or separate as they indicate.
Fun and games and waiting on a response from the Vendor.
Any pointers or suggestions from any one who has done this would be more than appreciated.

I don’t know particularly about the 3.4 MK1, however I installed in 3.8 e type without difficulty. I did have to remove pulley and spacer from the stock generator and place it on the alternator. In looking at the pictures, that may solve your problem. I hope that is somewhat helpful.

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Thanks Evan,
Yes that might work if I can mount on the other side of the lugs.
Was yours a positive earth car? How did you deal with the wiring?

B is essentially the same as A and A1, the RB 310 doesn’t use the E(arth) connection and D and F are the same on the RB106/2 and RB310. So wiring is virtually the same.

I have done the same on my ‘56 2.4 Litre with RB106/3 regulator. I changed over the pulley and fan. as my alternator in a dynamo body did not come with a pulley or fan. Car was changed to Negative earth.

This website was of great help to me in doing so.


well my eye sight ain’t the greatest & i do have glasses but i’m looking at the pics you posted & the original pulley appears to be a bit forward as the belt doesn’t appear to be true inline, the belt is showing off line, can you do a picture of the new unit as a mock up showing the belt line/

Rob, my car is positive earth. I purchased a dummy RB340 voltage regulator to make it look stock. I will try and find the wiring instructions I had.

Rob, take a look at this, I followed these instructions:
Wiring Box Dummy RB340 (holden.co.uk)

Thanks for that link. I’ll have another go this week. I put off doing the swap as I wanted to take the car to a show this weekend and as everything is currently working I thought it better not to introduce something new just yet. Still haven’t heard anything from Moss (the vendor) but maybe they’ll get back to me this coming week.
I’ll be sure an post pictures and my results to this thread (or come back and ask for more help :roll_eyes: :grimacing:)

Just an update here.
The WOSP dynator turned out to be a dud, so I sent it back. MOSS were pretty good about the return and I got a full refund but the folks at WOSP were completely non responsive. They don’t deal with the public directly so you have to work through the distributer (in this case MOSS) but it appears that they couldn’t get any feed back either.
My original generator is working fine so I reinstalled it. Might just get a generic off the shelf positive earth alternator at some point. If anyone knows of a good +ve earth alternator that will fit, that has been successful, I’m all ears.

Hi Rob,

If you want to work with a WOSP distributor who will actually converse with you, try Tom McCay with CCW-Tools (a division of Classic Car World Ltd.); you can google them for contact info. No relation with CCW-Tools, other than queries about a Dynator for my Mark IX. Prices are no worse than Moss.

Good luck,

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