MK1 Jaguar Oval Side Light Wiring

Can anyone advise on the wiring set up on a MK1 Jaguar oval front side light? Does it have a side light and an indicator filament?

Many thanks.

It is one bulb originally 6/21W, today often found as 5/21W. It has three wires which all connects on the engine side of the inner front wings. The electrical diagram show front flasher and side in different areas of the diagram but the two functions share the same bulb and earth cable.
Br Svante

Thank you Svante,
This is very helpful. So this must be a dual filament bulb.
Do you know how the earth wire connects to the oval metal light housing body?
I cant see any obviuos earthing point on the housing I have.

You are right and the electrical diagram is slightly wrong. And I was wrong too🤔… I am travelling with work this week but I found some photos from when I welded and prepared my car for a respray. It clearly shows only two cables meaning the earth is through the mounting bolts. My car still has original wiring and lamp housings.
Br svante

Thankyou again Svante,

This looks about right from where I am looking.

One wire for the side light and one wire for the indicator (dual filament bulb).
The earth, to form the circuit, is reliant on the 2 mounting bolts. The face of the bolt + washer against the inside of the wing, and the thread engaging in the light body. This all makes sense. Earthing using a body connection is a bit a worry in the long run, as corrision (rust) can build up and break the circuit. Cant do much about the bodywork, as this is going to be steel, but maybe use a stainless bolt fixing. The fixing bolts are going to be exposed to the elements (rain, salt, dirt etc). It might be nicer to have an independent earth wire and have an earth stud or threaded hole in the light housing body. There is a thicker section at one end of the light housing that I assume might have been cast in to possibly add an additional bulb?? This might be usable if drilled and tapped?? This area is protected from the worst of the weather by the rear sealing boot. Might damage the chrome plating slightly.

Thank you again for input on the subject.