MK1, MK2, S-Type Auto-Transmission

Hi folks

Trying to identify the following transmission in these photos. I inherited the parts from my late Father-in-law who was a mechanic.

DG-250-MJ Serial Number JBC 10423

I understand from some good folk elsewhere that it could be a MK2 or S-Type 3.4

I also have a Gearbox for something similar in a another post.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


This box was used in MK7,8,9, XK140/XK150, MK1/2 and early S-type.
Some variance exists, depending on the serial number.
It uses a special Torq converter with build in clutch.
The center hole of the input shaft should contain a tube to engage the clutch

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Many others will probably chime in and note that this DG250 is a weak transmission and exttremely expensive to work on , let alone find someone versed in their repair. For the money you would be better off going with a 700R4. Others can suggest good modifications please.

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Thanks very helpful