Mk1 parts - what's hardest to find?

I may have a chance to go over and rescue some parts from a Mk1 shell. No motor or transmission but most of the interior looks like it’s there.
What should I keep an eye out for.
Which parts are most difficult to find?

I’d go for chrome trim, screens, glass, door handles, gauges, wiper motor, pedals and pedal box. Most stuff is quite different to Mk 2 , so not as easy to source, and fewer made to begin with. Grab whatever you can easily remove. You can then refurbish it at your leisure and replace the stuff from your car at your convenience.

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Get everything you can , leave nothing behind , where will you find another!


And side & tail light lenses, particularly side lights.

On my “still missing” list I have:

  • door handle
  • rear window chrome
  • taillight
  • door and bonnet chrome mounting clips (metal)
  • manual tranny rear support bracket
  • trico washer fluid container

Be sure and grab the steering wheel if its still there . also, windshield washer reservoir, brake servo, and of course the wire wheels and hubs - if so equiped . Not to mention the radiator grill and any /all chrome pieces. Just buy the wole car ? What parts you don’t need, us other Mark 1 owners will probably ante up for…

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Original bolts and hose clamps.

GKN bolts and Cheney hose clamps are very popular with restorers and are scarce.

Grab everything you can get and have them zinc plated.

I just got home with my loot.
Didn’t get as much as I had hoped for but given that I had to disassemble in the rain I think I did ok.
There was nothing left in the engine bay except the wiper motor so I took that.
All the veneer interior was completely rotten but the solid wood window surround were salvageable.
I got all the interior door handles and the window winders bother front door, door cards and both the front and rear windows (without breaking them).
The steering wheel was non existent, just a rusted rim with leather wrapped so I left that but as luck would have it I did snag the turn signal indicator complete with an intact rubber grommets for the self shutoff.
Numerous odd nuts and bolts the spare tire hold down clamp.
Not a bad day. Though I’m sure I left something behind.

I hope, aside of the rain - nobody was chasing You …, right ? :grin:

Good job ! you found some good stuff.

FYI, there’s a guy in Pennsylvania (USA) on Facebook parting out a Mk1. I got a perfect grille, rear window and trim from him. He said he’s parted out 6 MK1s (not Mk2) so far and has the parts. He’s not great at communication, but he delivered what he promised, and shipped it all. I paid him with PayPal

There’s also Jagnut Spares near me. I think he has some Mk1s. He does not use the internet, not even email, so you have to call him, but he’s been collecting Jag sedans for decades. Jack White 540-743-4037 Tell him I sent you. :smiley:

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