Mk1 Rear Wheel Cylinder Source

The rear wheel cylinder (right) has stripped threads on the bleeder port. I was hoping someone here may have a spare (I know how hard they are going to be to come by after hours of searching online) or know where to source one. Alternatively, if there is a replacement part that may be more accessible that would certainly work as well.

Thank you for any help you can lend or any ideas…

You could just Helicoil it:thinking:

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Call JACK,WHITE,(703) 743-4037…in Virginia USA as he has an enormous amount of parts for many makes of Jaguars.


Hi there,I just joined this forum.Are you still looking for parts for D/B model mk1.We have a mk1 D/B
1956 2.4 that we pulled our hair out trying for parts.after a year searching we decided to convert to
discs,the front end is done,and am doing the modifications(dont u love that word) to squeeze in a
bigger servo and tank ,and in about a weeks time,starting on the back end.I have all the rare parts
This is a rare opportunity to buy the lot.