MK1 Restoration Help

Can anyone gude me to a site or blog of a MK1 Saloon restoration ? I am restoring my Dad’s 1959MK1 and a blog of someone that has alrady done one would be helpful.



Have you tried YouTube? There’s probably a few blogs on there of people doing MK1/11 jags.

Sorry Mike, no Mk1, but my Mk2 restoration history might have some common issues:
Köpi, Finland

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Thanks for the pics. Very nice detail. I need a closer look into the engine bay before engine is installed to see the routing of the harnesses. The MK2 harness is a bit different than mine but I appreciate the info.


Not enough piuctures taken during disassembly, yes ?
I have quite a lot from my Mk1 I’ll gladly share.
Any specifics ?


I would love pics of the engine bay that show close ups of the main wiring harness. Even better would be pics of a new wiring harness in the engine bay


Here are some shots with engine out.
Let me know if You need any other needs.