MK10 4.2 last chance before scrap

It is soon time this old lady goes away.

Anyone need something from it? Parts going cheap.

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So many good parts on her still, wish I was in Canada… at least the valve covers etc. …


Any idea what ratio the diffs are? I’ll bet many people here would be interested in those.

Don’t let the instruments go. They don’t take up much room and they could be helpful to someone. Is the distributor electronic?

I’d take the intake manifold assembly. Maybe cam covers.

The diff will be a 3.54 LSD

Some parts that could be fairly easily obtained an on-sold

*The Viscous Coupler loose in the engine bay

  • plenums in the boot

  • centre instruments and switches (same as E-type)

*oil cap and cam covers

  • heater valve


  • jacks, tools etc in the boot

plenty of other stuff, but takes a while to get some parts, and I doubt you could be bothered, like front brake calipers and discs

Probably get near $1k on Ebay, not including brake parts


Thanks folks,
I’ll get busy today if it doesn’t rain.

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Good morning,


  • Cam covers sold.

  • intake pending for Tim

  • heater valve, speaker grills spoken for.

I removed the head, and surprise, it appears good.

I will get the gauges out.

Does anyone see anything else they would like?



Well it depends on your resources but if it were mine I would do my best to get the engine out (it’s a short stud 4.2 so probably nothing unserviceable), horns, vacuum valve at the booster, 4TR and relays, drain taps, distributor and even the exhaust manifolds look better than most. The BW8 will be too heavy and not worth enough. What Tony said - whatever you can be bothered with. Just because the body and interior is junk the rest probably is not.
The IRS wouldn’t be too much trouble if you can move the car without…

I may have interest in the Head. Shipping will be the deciding factor.

Do you know the state of the radiator? If it’s not leaky I’d be interested in it thanks!

I’d also add that the gas tanks–if not rusted out on the bottom are worth something and easily removed–I don’t need them myself but someone else might want those!

It’s brass so if it has a little crack not from fatigue but from damage it is easy to solder and this repair should last - I‘ve soldered mine, header tanks and a piece of matrix as well, no problem so far.

Indeed, and if I was you I would keep all the glass, or at least the windows, and all chrome parts as well.

There’s lots of parts there that are worth gold to the right guy but do you have the patience time and space :man_shrugging:



That’s why after years of trying to give them away, three 3500 Rovers are going to the crusher within the next two months. Lots of things are ‘worth gold’ on them, but I don’t have the time, inclination, and I soon won’t have the space.

Robert, Id be interested in the complete heater box with motors.


I doub

t it’s good enough for you.

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Is the Diff sold? Can you confirm the ratio and if it is a LSD

Ed, I sent a private message.

David, thanks for your reply.

The block’s cracked.

Working washer bottle. Rad not bad.