Mk10 LHD steering column nacelle to dash fit issue

We’re still in the process of reassembling a LHD 1966 Mk10 and have come across a strange issue: The nacelle is too far away from the dash and offset. (See pic).

You might recall that this car was taken apart by someone else years ago but it doesn’t appear that he touched the column. I took it out to install new bushings because they were shot but I put it back where it was. I did not remove the transmission selector from the column at that time. Now that it’s dash-install time we have the issue shown.

Tried adjusting the column to get a better fit but it will only go about 1/8" deeper. Also tried moving it around using the slots in the column mount but can’t get it better than the pic and still have the nacelle covers fit. My next move will be pulling the column again and sliding the selector assembly down the column a bit - it seems like that should work… What do ya think?

If anyone could get a pic of their car in that area I’d love to see it. Also on this car it seems like the column’s natural position is on that slight angle… If it went straight from the intrusion into the passenger compartment the column would be too far to the right to fit the dash… Has anyone else experienced this? It doesn’t seem like the pinch tube that holds the bottom of the column has any adjustment but is that actually the case?


That looks about the same as mine. Mine may be a bit worse, maybe because the nacelle is for a MOD. Once you get the dash cap on, it helps to shield it from view just a bit.


Wow - Very surprising Micah. So this is normal then I guess…? What do you think of the idea of sliding the selector mechanism down the column? It appears that it would move and also looks like the lower nacelle cover is attached directly to it dictating the location of the top of course. Might make for a closer fit as long as it doesn’t mess with the selector linkage.

Does yours also have that slight angle to the left? It seems like that would be unavoidable.

Thanks again,

Canted to the left.

I cannot comment on the linkage, since I no longer have any.

Until you mentioned it, I had forgotten about it and had to go out and take a look. It is not something I have noticed while driving. Maybe the passenger can see it a little and if you are directly looking downward.

Maybe adding some felt to the gap would close things up with out any other modifications.


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I had a look at a parts-car Mark 10 we just got and on closer inspection there’s no way to move the linkage down the column after all. It is what it is I suppose. Weird that Jag didn’t do a better job with the fit.

I have some 1/16" EPDM black foam that I’m gonna cover the space with and move on to something else.

Thanks again!


I think Jaguar used the same parts on multiple cars to save money. Sometimes the part number may have been different but the part nearly identical if not identical. Fit and finish may have suffered a bit. I cannot recall from which model Jaguar I acquired the nacelle I used. MOD Mark X’s were pretty rare and I needed a NOS one. As far as I can tell, it was no different than what Jaguar would have used.


Hi Mike,

I just checked my '69 RHD 420G and the space that exists on yours also exist on mine

As Micah said, once the top wood section is in place, you dont notice

I have had it all apart, I cannot tell if my column is inclined, not clearly visible

As long as the notches for the lever and gear indicator line up, that is the main thing

I have at least one spare MOD nacelle ( my vehicle is auto)

Yeah, it sure looks exactly the same as the one my Mk2.
BTW your interior is magnificent. I’m curious how you handled the upholstery on the sun visors. Will start a new thread on that.

Thanks Tony. Always glad for more confirmation - makes me feel better about leaving well enough alone!