MK10 rear question

Were the 3.8 MK10 rear axles first made of welded tubes and later changed to solid forged steel like the early E-types? They were about the same time so I thought the rear axles would be made the same way and later both cars changed to solid too.


My '63 has half shafts the same diameter as the drive shaft. With modern radial tires, it puts enough stress to cause the shafts to hit the springs. Later they switched to solid shafts. I have a set from a later vehicle that I think will fit. On my list to do, one of these days.

Early E-Types were the same as the MK X, if I recall correctly.


I think you will find the MKX has a wider track than the ‘E’

yes, wider. With the output driveshaft, what you will find is one section (the outer I think), is the same length, while the inner is of different lengths for the track of the vehicle, (with a uni in between)

Thanks, Micah,

I wondered why the early E’s changed from large to smaller diameter half shafts and you may have something with them touching the springs on your MK X.


Earlier, I meant that the E-type had the larger diameter half shafts.

It has been a while, but I think when I was looking into this, I noticed the change to solid shafts happened as radial tyres were introduced.