Mk10 speedo cable routing LHD

Hi. Can someone tell me how the speedometer cable for a LHD Mk10 is routed? It looks like it comes from the trans angle drive, forward towards the bell housing and then turns back 180 degrees, passing into the cab through a largish grommeted hole just above the trans tunnel where it meets the firewall on the right along with other wires/vac hoses.

Once inside the car it can go pretty much anywhere on it’s way to the speedo - where is it supposed to be routed?

Not sure what you got there. My '63 goes inside the tunnel and enters the firewall after going over the left hand blower motor.


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Ah… That’s interesting Micah. I was looking for another hole for it to enter the firewall but didn’t see it and since I didn’t take it apart it was a bit of a guess.

So it:s supposed to go into the engine compartment through the tunnel and then up over the left blower and then I’m assuming there’s a straight shot through a hole in the firewall behind the speedo?

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That’s a very helpful image - thanks Micah.
As long as there’s a similar hole through the firewall in this '66 it’s gotta be the way to do it!

That’s the way mine is routed also. I’ll get you a photo of the bulkhead hole used tomorrow.

Thanks Ron - I’d appreciate it.
Is it secured to the firewall in any way? P-clips or something? Trying to keep it looking original.

This is how I routed mine, and how I found it. I have no P clips on top, and I don’t see how there could be, but I can’t swear as to what is original. I do have one P-clip below, but it is not original. Hope this helps.