Mk10 suspension issue

I have the front suspension partially torn down for repairs and have run into a snag. The only loose part is C22874 “End Assembly at LH side of center tie rod”, called by some a drag link. The pin bush was sloppy and I had on hand the supposedly correct pin-bush assembly, C17099 from a major supplier, as specified by the Mk10 parts book. Extracting it from the car was a feat, as was pressing it apart. Lo and behold, the C17099 is not correct for this original MK10 part, smaller than cavity left in the drag link, longer, and with incorrect taper. I think the parts book is in error, as I know the C17099 is used on small sedans (with mixed success it seems). Someone in UK advertises a “new” original part - it looks rebushed to me and is expensive, but I may have to try it. I’ve not found another source.

So, questions: Any good used ones out there? Anybody out there who might revulcanize the original? Other ideas? Photo below. The bottom item is the incorrect replacement pin-bush.

I know the new rubber is not as good , and the pin’s and bushes fail with very few miles on them , there is a C22874 on e-bay now .
The other thing to do would be , fit the bearing pin and bush type if the C17099 fits your car , fit them and forget about them , as I have done , that rubber has to do a lot of twisting :thinking:

xk pin and bush - 2-500x500

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That looks exactly like the ones on my Daimler V8-250, which had to be renewed for it’s last MOT test, and I think from memory that the part number you quote is the one I went looking for.

I got confused by all the different combinations of repair items, improved specification items, left hand and right hand, you can have this insert but only if yours have been modified in the past, different names used on different sites for the parts so in the end I phoned David Manners where the man I spoke to solved all my problems in an instant. It was sooooooo easy.

They weren’t cheap but complete assemblies arrived in a couple of days and the problem went away.

Thanks Robert. I’ll call them - that’s the info I was hoping for. Ian, the C17099 does not fit the Mk10 C22874 piece in spite of what the parts book says. Frequent poster Tony, expert on the Mk10 has said many times that the MK10 parts books have a lot of errors and I believe him. I’ll get the one off e-bay if Manners doesn’t work out. I was put off by the estimated delivery of 2 months, but the seller now says 5-10 days. I do believe his is a part modified, accepting a standard (not uprated) pin-bush rather than NOS, unless Jaguar changed that part after my car was made in 1965. Thank you also!
If all else fails, I believe I can restore the piece with a custom epdm plastic insert, but would rather not. Everything on this car seems to need extra effort to put back in service.

Give me a little time to check

The 420G draglink tie rod ends are UNIQUE.

They do not have press out pins, you need to replace the entire threaded joint/pin/rubber as a complete unit.

They are expensive, but available.

There are at least 3 configs. 3.8, early 4.2 MKX (has the pins) and 420G (+ later MKX… I think !)

I can post a pic of the correct part later, and I did grab that SS overflow tank last week

The Spare Parts Manual for the 420G is Chapter 15 and is called IPL4…do you have it ?

( I can email it to you …its lame, but does have some things to know in it

Greetings All,

Not sure if you are in thevStates are U.K.

If in the States, go to NAPA and bring your link and vernier and peruse their MOOG suspension book. I’ve yet to not find something there.

I was hoping you would reply; I was guessing that the late cars were upgraded. I found out the hard way (destroyed part) that the pin is not replaceable on my car, and I feel pretty certain it must be the 420G unit. Is the part number the same as 4.2 MK!0?
Yes, I would love to have that chapter, as I do not have it.
Lovell, thanks for the suggestion. Sounds like I won’t have to restore my piece.

73 and 74

see the chassis nums

do you not have a Parts Manual ?..chapter 15 is 420g…this is an excerpt from mk10 manual

sorry i am hold on phone atm

  • edit see below

edit and correction to above

420G items show up as C24301 and c24302

I will take a picture as soon as possible with calipers so you can see them

busy as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking competition atm

also 420G Parts is not Chapter 15 in MKX Parts Manual…

its called IPL4, and I will PM it to you

Here you go:image image

This is better

Hey, thanks guys. For the left PAS piece the 420G/DS420 number is C24303 and David Manners has it - just ordered.
I do have the MK10 4.2 manual, but not 420G. It is possible that this part was upgraded on my car in the past, but I seriously doubt it, considering other evidence of low mileage. I am at the stage of repair where all the previous mistreatments of the old girl are showing up, loose bolts, bodged threads, bad seals, and generally poor quality repairs. It will be good to get all this sorted, but it will take awhile. Will update.