Mk10 Upper Control Arm Bump Stop

Working on a friend’s '66 Mk10 that was a stalled restoration project. It’s been up in the air for years – so long that the bump stops on the upper control arms are crushed and destroyed from the springs pushing on them for all this time. This creates an issue where when the car is lifted, the front suspension drops so low it puts alot of tension on the tie rods - obviously I need to replace the bump stops. Unfortunately they are unobtanium (part no C18001). I found exactly one used one in the UK.

My plan is to cut-off the destroyed rubber on our originals and then re-use the metal plate that connects to the 2 sides of the control arm. Then I can just use either a generic bump stop or something from another car to attach to it.

So can someone with a Mk10/420G with intact upper bump stops please tell me what the height of the rubber is supposed to be just so I’m in the ballpark with the replacement? See pic below for the measurement I’m after.
Mk10  bump stop

Hullo Mike, I can’t help you with specifics for that part number, but I recently purchased a C17172 for an S from Barratt in the UK. It looks very similar to the one you show in your photo. Would it be compatible? I could remove mine and measure it if you would like.

Hi Peter. It does look quite similar but don’t think it’s the same since it has a different part number. I very much appreciate your kind offer but don’t go to the trouble of taking it off your car. Hopefully a Mk10/420G owner will chime in. Don’t need a super precise measurement - just close.

Will check in a few hours time. My ’66 4,2 Mk10 was sold new in the US, with tinted glass and electric windows. My ’67 car has a Mk10 chassis number but 420G badges, chrime stripe and G grille. It was also sold new in the US but has AC from the factory. The cars sold new in Europe had clear glass, manual window regulators and no AC. Could be ordered of course, but I haven’t seen any, at least in Sweden where they sold well until 1969.
What colour combo is your friend’s car?

I have some somewhere, will look

They do tend to fail with time (like all front bump stops)

I have an idea that David Manners Jaguar may have them.
Be aware Part numbers can be updated/changed
Ring or email them if you cant find it on their site

Check Ebay

Using that picture you put up, you can work out the height by scale from the width of the metal bracket, its not critical to be perfect. I estimate about 2" from memory

Jaguar Mark X 4.2 front suspension rebound bump stop C17970 NOS Jaguar MK10 4.2 | eBay

Thanks Peder - I’d appreciate it! My friend’s car is British Racing Green with tan interior. I alao had a '66 Mk10 15 years ago that was the same exterior color with dark green interior.

Yup Tony, I thought about using the pic to interpolate the height of the rubber since I finally found that pic of the real thing yesterday on ebay UK. Car is not near me at my friend’s house so I thought it’d be quicker to ask someone to measure it so I can start looking for a replacement that will work.

I’ve been looking for months on ebay and the usuals to no avail except for that single one that just popped up.

Appreciate you taking the time to search but the ebay link you posted is for the lower bump stops which of course isn’t the same. The ones I need that are no longer available are the square-shaped uppers that bridge between the upper control arms.

hmmm, I will have to take a look tommorow, on my car,

I know exactly what part you are talking about it, it gets the heck crushed out of it any time you jack the front wheel off the ground

I may have those parts, as I carefully salvage parts for these cars, as many are NLA, no repros available, those E-type and XK sissies dont know how sweet they have it :rofl:

I always like to keep at least one set of good working spares though, preferably more, just for that reason, and they have a hard life, so a suitably bonded “re-make” would be a sensible thing to try

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Hahaha!!! Exactly! :wink:

75mm from base (where the holes are)
Don’t see why SNG don’t have them

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Thanks Peder! That’s even bigger than I was able to interpolate from the pics… But none of the pics I have are straight on - they’re all from weird angles so they’re foreshortened and hard to measure. My best guess from the pic was 2-1/2" or 63mm.

No one seems to make a reproduction… I guess cause they’ve only recently started giving Mk10’s the respect they deserve :slight_smile: but this part is critical. If they’re gone or horribly mangled like ours the suspension drop when the car is lifted pushes the ball end of the tie rods and even the stabilizer bar links to the end of their travel, potentially bending or breaking something.