Mk2 1967 jaguar positive or negative

Hi…anybody know…what’s mean a positive car and negative…?? I’m confused …my jaguar 1967 3 1/2 is negative o positive…how to know…

It generally refers to the polarity of the battery connections, specifically whether the positive or negative terminal is connected to ground.

Look at the short thick cable connected from the battery directly to the car body. Probably on the left. As you look from the front. If that is connected to the positive terminal on the battery then the car is 'positive earth / ground '. This was the standard but many will have been converted. Most modern devices like CD players, alarms or sat navs are all negative ground and will short out / die.

Thanks … tomorrow I’ll go to check that…and after send the results…

I still have posative earth with the original Dynamo , that was reconditioned by Lucus some 35 years ago , I run a CD player , and a sat nav .
Battery is over 5 years old and I have never had to re charge it , I put that down to the kill switch , If I am not sitting in the car the battery is always isolated as I take the key with me !

A 1967 model is from around-about the time the changeover from the earlier +ve earth (ground) to the later -ve earth was made.

My first-registered January 1968 Daimler V8-250 (so obviously manufactured in 1967) is -ve earth.

If your car hasn’t been messed about with, and especially if it’s still working, the clock is marked with the polarity.

Jags before about '65 with a generator were positive ground. Jags after about '65 with an alternator were negative.

Thanks for you time, I’m learning more about…

You must have a very unusual CD player that runs on positive earth or you have it wired specially for that. Same with a sat nav system.

Sat nav and CD player are the normal run of the mill , long as they don’t touch the body of the car they are fine ,
The sat nav socket is made of plastic so that’s not a issue , CD player is in the wooden armrest I made !
I can highly recommend a Arm rest , one of the best things I did to my car :+1:20180605_185051

:+1::smiley: look good…Im thinking made something…

This one is the MK2 , a little wider , will be a MK3 when I get time !