MK2 3.54:1 LSD into 240


Oh boy, what an epic landscape Your music selection painted in front of me !
For the second part to come - the burnouts - I’d suggest Valkyrie !

It all looked that easy, did You re-gap the pinion gear ? What is the LSD ratio ? (slip torque diff.)

Thank you , was pretty much straight forward , I did not touch the pinion at all , did have a good look and tried to pull and bush things about , but all looked ok,ratio is in the heading , 3.54 LSD
Well on my way to fitting it now , old one is out , lsd ready to slide under .

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I meant torque ratio. For BMW it is 25% typically up to 70% for racing purposes.
High ratio highly equalizes drive torque between wheels, which is more hazardous on slippery surface.

I read that Jag LSDs are … adjustable ? I.e. slip is defined by friction plates pre-load pressure adjustment. (??)

That I don’t know !!

Nice video: could I ask to be your spelling editor?


What did I miss Paul ?

Popped off not poped. And there was anther that didn’t look correct as well.

Doesn’t matter, still liked it

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Thank you davidsxj6 :+1:

3.54 all bolted on now , just need to clean the discs , fit new pads and bleed the brakes.

Another modification I have done is , replace the Rear Spring Clamping Plates, with uprated one’s
As you can see the old one’s are well bent !

IMG-20200415-WA0001 IMG-20200415-WA0002

The wee British flag is a nice touch!

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All done . just need to put the Wheels and Spats back on !

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Not quite finished , I forgot about the Panhard rod , and checking the adjustment , took the measurement’s and there was 10mm diffrence , so 5mm out , went to adjust it , what a pain in the ass that was !
In the end I took the rod off , and turned it around , so the adjustment end is now on the inside , much easier to get a spanner on and you can see what your doing , I guess it’s ok if you have a lift , or a pit ,
As I am getting older , may think about digging a pit .

Any way all adjusted up , will check it again , after a 1000 or so miles !

Took the car for a test run as well , just around the block , noticed the diffrence straight away , car has much longer legs in each gear !

Will have to wait till lock down is over so I can up the speed and check with a sat nav !!

C’mon Ian, we know burial space is in short supply in some areas, but digging your own pit !!! don’t let Covid 19 get to you !
BTW your year cat should have self adjusting handbrake mechanisms, to much trouble ?
Peter B.

That’s a thought Peter , a little deeper and I could be walking on the wife :thinking:
I had the choice on what mechanism to use , went for the simplest , just the long bolt to turn to adjust , lets face it , the car is stationery when you use the hand brake , so there is next to no wear on the pads , unless you forget to release it , have done that in the past lol

I’m sure you have but please use the correct oil for the LSD

Well that’s the next 50 years taken care of :slight_smile:

Took the car out today , managed to get some speed up , down the M20 , speedo is out by 10mph , that’s not changed , but the revs have come down , going by the sat nav

60 mph 2100 revs
70 mph 2400 "
80 mph 2700 "

Car is much more fun to drive , put your foot down and it want to keep on going , don’t feel the need to change up or down so much !

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Been experimenting with LSD recently ? :crazy_face:

I mean grass … argh, a meadow, doing easy drifts …