MK2 3.8L 1960 RPM Generator Repairs

Hi fellow Listers.
I’ve had an issue with my REV Gauge for some time, flickering & now finally has stopped registering!
I did a voltage check on the generator terminals with the engine running & it was all over the place. Removed the unit from the cam cover & bench tested it with a drill. Voltage again was erratic going from +3V to -!.5V & everywhere in between.
The unit had been crudely repaired 30 years ago, so I removed the old plastic filler to find one of the brass contacts separated from the bakelite & a piece of the bakelite missing.
When I unscrewed the bakelite section I discovered the insulation plate holding the two contact springs was broken as well.
See photos.
I’m having trouble finding a good S/H unit, I’ve contacted a number of gauge/instrument repairers & not surprisingly no one have parts for these units.

The tang/drive dog has only 1mm longitudinal movement so the engagement to camshaft should be OK.

So, I’m considering having a go at repairing this original unit.
The bakelite can be fixed with modern epoxy & shaped to size, & I’m thinking of using some Micra Sheet from the local electronics shop to make up the small broken insulating plate.
Will be fidley I’m sure.

Has anyone had a go at repairing one of these units & can offer some guidance?

…oops, here are the photos.

The only repair I have done with these is to pin the armature so it does not slide back and disengage from the drive dog. I think if you are skillful with epoxy J B Weld and a Dremmel tool you should be able to recreate the broken piece.

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If you’re in Adelaide, try Geoff Mockford at, Bob Anderson o4o8 8o4 28o or Alan Baker, or EVAN SPARTALIS Phone 8362 8116 Mobile 0408 827 919 12 College Road Kent Town.

I’m sure one of them will have what you want.

if all else fails Barratts have them new….

I thought repair kits for this problem were available. I will keep looking.

found one on flee bay

Check out Jaguar Rev Counter Moulding. Part number 9993/V on eBay!

Thanks for your replies, guys.
Andrew, I know Geoff & Evan very well & caught up with them both Friday/Saturday.
Geoff only had one S/H & that was U/S.
Evan had one that he was uncertain of its condition, but he kindly swapped it for mine & I fitted his yesterday.
At first nothing then a tap on the RPM bezel & it started registering.
I’ll need to get behind the gauge & just check there is not a loose wire contributing to the issue, but so far, it’s a big improvement. :ok_hand:

That would be a help for the original unit Phil, but they don’t post to OZ!

Noted Mike.
PS:- Might need to send you my clock one day to get that working as well! :smiley: