Mk2 automatic seat belts

I’ve found some nos retractable seat belts, part number 11774. They’re in Jaguar marked boxes. The instructions show for Mk X & 420G. My question is will these fit a Mk2 ?
Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

|In my opinion it may depend upon the year your MK2 was built. I have a 1965 MK2 and behind the B post fascia in the car there is a lower boss to take the retraction unit and in upper boss (about shoulder height) which takes the belt to become a 2 point harness. These bosses were not on a 1962 Mk2 basket case that I used for parts.

1965 Mk

Thank you very much. My car is a '65 too, so I’ll take a look to see if it is the same setup.

Hi, I own a 62… could you please share a pic of the lower boss so I know what to look for please? Thanks

Ours is a 1966 model, and was equipped from new with Dunlop seat belts - oddly the shoulder belt was retractable / inertia type but the lap belt buckle was akin to what one might find on an airliner. Nothwithstanding, the ‘inertia’ mechanism had come to be unreliable and we fitted (fore and aft) modern inertia belts; if memory serves, provided by Securon in the UK.*

It’s a long time ago that I fitted mine. They were Britax. As I recall, the limitation was fitting the space between the B post and side of the seat. I had to cut a piece out of the cover of the box containing the seat belt reel.

I hava a manual for automatic britax inertia belts if someone wants to make the bracket they came up with for the mk2.