Mk2 - Body work and wood re veneer/refinishing - UK recommendations?

So the time has come to get some work done to the MK2 - but let’s face it when isn’t there something that needs doing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

There are a few small bits of rust that need to be cut out and sorted, nothing too major. And also it’s time to either respray or get the paintwork back to looking how it should via other means.

The interior wood has needed sorting out since I have had her but when cleaning a patch of veneer flaked off the dash, i barely brushed it with my hand so this time it’s not something I am angry with myself about due to the usual adject stupidity or rushing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
So I am taking this as a great opportunity to get it sorted out properly.

Can anyone in the UK recommend tried and tested places to get these jobs done? I am guessing it will likely be a couple (or more) of difference businesses who will need to do the work.

Hi, I do not have a recommendation for a restorer, but a friend in the UK (a recent MK2 owner) bought a complete wood set in very good (if not refurbished) condition - I’m pretty sure he paid far less then an expert refurb job - just the fun of fitting it…

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that’s a really good idea! rather than have to strip it, wait for it to be sorted and refit then getting a new set would be so much easier

thanks for the tip, I will do some investigation