Mk2 Brake Servo overhaul kit?

Hi, that plan didn’t last long as DM are not holding this part anymore and can’t say when they will.
This might be a stupid question at this stage but is there a way I can test the old booster?

Both DM and SNGB seem to list the part as a rebuild service. There’s a core charge etc.

I bet they both just send the part out, probably to the same place. If you can find that place, go there.

If you do need to get the new one, there’s no reason why you can’t rotate it to clear the fan. I chose to fit it with the inlet from the master vertical, as originally, but you could easily rotate it around so the hose is out of the way.

In fact I reckon you could actually rotate the base of the booster relative to the rest so the pipe outlet is facing up. Then you could unscrew the reaction valve cover so it points at the pipe and install a new piece of hose to connect them.

Moss seem to offer the same thing somewhat cheaper.

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