Mk2 brake Servo

I am always looking out for parts for my MK2 ,Just got this off e-bay , by the look of it , it looks quite new , mine is working but it is a 1968 part , I did rebuild it (god) about 40 years back ! s-l1600%5B3%5D

Hi Ian,
Good find. That looks like the original servo? I’m wondering about fitting the LR18230 with some increase in boost. But then I will need to modify the mounting (slightly). The increase in boost might be good along with uprated calipers. Undecided, as per usual!

From what I can remember , it looks like the Original , it still has a label on it so may find some numbers !

Yep, looks like the original to me, I dug mine out, has the same arrangement for the external breather as yours has.

Yes look’s the same , I only paid £26 for it , looking at it , it has been used , but not for very long I would say .
I found some old pictures of the MK2 brake components , I got ready some 33 odd years back , all cleaned and rebuilt and put in a box , to be fitted around 4 years ago !
As you can see quite a few parts in a Servo !!